Sunday, July 16, 2017

A June

Even though July also is ending soon I want to do a June update :D 

2 outfitpictures. I bought my disney dreamdress when it was on sale at emp-shop
I like the dress with bats, but I'm thinking about cutting the sleeves off because I think i would wear it more often then. 

I got myself some rollerblades! It is so much fun. I still have the roller-derby dreams as I mentioned in a entry 4 years ago. link
But sadly I can't handle hobbies where I have to be someplace several times in a week. I don't go so it doesn't seem worth paying for something you will not attend :P I have to work on this. 

Yummy sandwichcake I made for my husbands birthday :D

I think the best part of June was this meetup! It's 10 years now since I graduated gymnasium so we planned a little meetup for everyone in the class. These 2 girls were my best friends during the schoolyears :) Andrea to the right I still hang out with so thats fun. 

I hope everyone is having a nice summer :D My vacation started yesterday so hopefully I will do a very interesting and exciting entry after the summer ;) 

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Good news!

Hellooo! Are there anyone reading this? :'D
I have been gone for a while. 

And the good news I have to share is that I get to stay at the job as a printmaker that I started in November :D  That is amazing! It was certainly a luckystrike getting that job so I finally could leave my kitchencareér FOREVER. Good bye dirty dishes and bitter costumers and Hello nonstressful workplace with oh so many perks :'D

I took an outfitpicture a few weeks ago. It's my favourite dress right now because it's so cute but also cozy. :)

And I'm so happy to have this little one in our family nowadays! Every familygathering is so much more entertaining, haha!

To end this entry I give 2 pictures from the last larp I attended where I managed to be photographed twice, wohoo! 

Photo by Susan Nilsson. 

Friday, March 17, 2017

Thoughts about blogging

Hello! :) 

I took two outfitpictures this week. So I thought I post them here. 
But to be honest I don't really have so much love for blogging anymore. I really prefer writing looking and everything at instagram. 
(My names is Lesthi there as well if you wan't to add)
I have also been thinking about making videos! It seems like so much fun, I love that sort of editing as well. 
Maybe start with something easy and not so scary, like a housetour, haha! 
I still wan't to keep my blog up though, and I would also upload my videos here in that case.

Anyway :D These are 2 outfits from this week. I was so happy with them, I think they are sort of my typical style right now. 

And my bangs are long enough for it to braid again, YES. Why do I keep cutting bangs? 

This sunday me and my husband will go and see Beauty and Beast which I very much look forward too. So I made a little celebration picture for instagram yesterday:

Have a lovely weekend everyone! <3

Friday, March 3, 2017

Clothes and clothes

This week, I actually took an outfitpicture! :D Haha yeah! Goal for next week, 2 days of outfitspictures then.

It was such good lightning at my job so I might have to take all outfitpictures there, haha! 

It was a good hairday! <3

And I bought the cutest shirt this week. It's lovely!

And a sneaky cat! 

Have a nice weekend everyone. :)

Sunday, February 19, 2017

The wolf

Today I felt inspired!
So I had a quick little wolfsession outside.
I think animals is my favourite thing to dress as, after disneyprincesses ;)  

(click on pictures for larger view)

Kira <3

Thanks for looking :D

Friday, February 17, 2017


Hello! :D 
Today it felt like spring. So I realized it was time to show you the winterjacket I bought..last winter, haha! I totally have forgotten about that really. So this morning I took some pictures before running to the bus. 

I hate winterjackets. I always have hard time feeling comfortable in them. But this one I haven't had any problems with so far. :) It's warm and pretty! I like how it looks at the front and the back:
Sadly this picture were blurry so I took a better one as well. But maybe you still can see in the blurry one how nicely it's shaped when it on :D
 I bought it last winter on sale at couldn't find it now though. 

I had plans to start taking more outfitpictures but it seems that I mostly take these kinds of pictures nowadays, haha! 


Maybe I will be better at it when spring actually arrives, no promises though ;P

Have a lovely weekend everyone reading this!

Saturday, January 28, 2017


Time for a little update :) This month went by so fast. 
I love my new job but I think I'm still trying to get used to working fulltime so I'm very tired. I spend my freetime with Grey's anatomy, haha! 13 seasons is a lot and it's perfect for a tv-show nerd like me. 

Things I have done this month other than working and sleeping:

I cut my hair and dyed it with Directions Midnight blue. It turned out just the way I wanted, more black than blue. :)

I took some pictures with my finished Ariel costume. This summer I have plans of taking some better photos at the beach. Next disneyprincess project will be Elsa. I really need a Elsa costume in my life I think. 

I have spent this month cuddling so much with these three, being tired after work and needing lots of rest isn't so bad with this company in the sofa. :D

I hope everyone has had a great forst month of the year!