Saturday, March 31, 2018

Challenge day 15, 5 current goals

1. Learn how to swim (first I must get over my fear of water so that is the difficult part of it..)

2. Be less on Facebook. The amount of time I spend scrolling there some days are so ridiculous.

3. Be outside more this spring/summer. Even though I love being inside. :S I feel that I really should collect more D-vitamines during the sunny days, my body needs it!

4. Visit more cafeés! Just because I want to :D

5. Don't buy clothes. I don't usually buy a lot but right now I feel like I dont have the need for any new clothes at all. My wardrobe is very well packed.

Friday, March 30, 2018

Challenge day 14, A song that describes how I feel today

Today feels like a good day!
It's the first day of the 4 day eastervacation, it looks like spring outside and we are going to the cinema to watch Ready player one later today. :D

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Challenge day 13, 5 things I do every day

1. Eat candy.
It's true. It might be a bad habit but I don't eat much. A little chocolate or something in the evening makes that day better :D

2. Read
Very important to get to read at least a few pages every day!

3. Kiss my husband and my cats! <3

4. Listen to music
Right now this is my top choice! spotifylink

5. Feel stressed
I feel stressed at least once every day even if I don't have anything to feel stressed about haha!

Saturday, March 24, 2018

Challenge day 12, Favourite quotes

1. This first one is the one I like the most. Simple and beautiful.

2. This quote is so me. I don't know what I would do without books! 

3. I use this quote to remind me that I don't need certain people in my life even though we share the same blood. 

4. This quote I have on a mirror at home to keep me motivated for a workout. Sometimes it works and sometimes it don't. I really like the quote though. 

5. I think this quote is beautiful. Maybe it's silly but sometimes it really helps my anxiety to read little lines like this. 

Friday, March 23, 2018

Challenge day 11, What I ate in a day

I haven't been feeling well this week so I didn't blog. I did do this challenge last sunday though. :) 
I chose to do it on a sunday because I didn't want to photograph my food at work, haha!
So this is what I ate the whole day on sunday.

I made scones for breakfast :)

After that I had some candy because I'm worth it!

For lunch I had some leftover sallad from the day before, but added a yoghurt and a kiwi.

I didn't need much for lunch because I had a plan to treat myself with some leftover popcorn from our cinemavisit the day before as well. :D I always buy too much popcorn so I can eat the day after as well.

For dinner I made schnitzel and potato gratin. And added some broccoli! I could eat brocooli every day, it's lovely.

I realized that there isn't any pictures of what I drank! But don't you worry, I drink lots of water everyday, and I also hade a coca-cola can with the popcorns. :D

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Challenge day 10, Your latest purchase

I haven't been buying a lot of stuff lately so I was actually a little worried that I wouldn't know what to pick for this entry, but 2 weeks ago I got the idea that I wanted a indoor trampoline!
So I bought one an it's amazingly fun!

As some of you know it's very important for my endometriosis that I workout regularly or else I will have lot of pain. But becuase of my anxiety it has been a rough winter for my body, I haven't been working out as I should. So when I got the idea of a trampoline I felt that if I actually is excited about something, I should go ahead and buy it! 
So now everyday I choose 3 happy songs to jump to! :D 

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Challenge day 9, Todays outfit

Because of my current lazy I don't even give a f*ck "style" and the cooold weather which makes it impossible to be excited about clothes I realized that if I waited for a fancy outfit in my life I would never blog again, haha!

So here you have it, todays outfit :'D (or at least my most common eveningoutfit)